Holiday looks that sparkle: How beauty brands can connect with shoppers as they research, consider, and purchase products

September 30, 2021 | By: Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

With the holidays approaching, beauty shoppers may be thinking about their signature looks for the season. This means Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be a key time for shoppers to make their purchasing decisions.

The beauty industry is vast and shoppers have a lot of options to choose from nowadays. In May 2021, Amazon Ads and Kantar worked together to survey 500 shoppers in Mexico found that 79% of beauty product purchases are made off of Amazon.1 Although there’s a large group of shoppers buying beauty products outside of Amazon, many visit Amazon before making their purchases. Of shoppers who researched products on Amazon, 66% purchased beauty products online, while 34% made their purchases in store.2

Shoppers are eager to discover what’s new and interesting in the beauty world

Much like walking through a store aisle and spotting the latest glittery eyeshadow palates and trendy lipstick shades, beauty shoppers may be looking online for products that could help them stand out for the holiday season. Amazon could help these shoppers discover unique brands and products. About 82% of all beauty product buyers find something new through Amazon.3

Those discoveries make an impact on beauty shoppers. About 81% of shoppers who stumble across a new beauty product then go on to purchase that newly found brand or product on or off Amazon.4 Many of these shoppers who are finding new beauty products and brands are millennials. Of the 77% of millennials who discovered a new beauty product, 78% of those beauty shoppers purchased that product on Amazon. However, about 70% of Gen X beauty buyers were more likely to purchase a newly discovered brand or product, with 80% of those shoppers buying the new product on Amazon.5

Some of the ways these engaged shoppers are spotting new beauty products is through Amazon Ads, such as Sponsored Brands, which are great for promoting brand and product discovery. In addition, video ads are shown to be an effective way of transforming beauty browsers into purchasing shoppers.

Beauty shoppers are researching the best products and brands before they purchase

Before trying out a new bottle of foundation or applying a fresh tube of lipstick, many beauty shoppers are eager to learn more about products and brands. In fact, many shoppers have already done a bit of homework. About 58% of shoppers surveyed had done some research before coming to Amazon, but they were looking for more insight before deciding to purchase a product.6

So how do beauty shoppers evaluate what products are right for them before purchasing? Online research appears to be one of the most useful tools when it comes to making a purchasing decision for these shoppers. Many of them, about 77%, visited a brand website to learn more about certain products, and 76% turned to Amazon for more information and research.7

Amazon is an important destination for beauty shoppers, especially when they are in the research phase. 67% of in-store purchasers said Amazon was very useful for their research, and 81% of online shoppers said Amazon was very useful.8

For this holiday season, beauty shoppers are looking for good bargains. About 59% of these shoppers come to Amazon to compare prices or look for the best deals, and 57% of shoppers come to Amazon to find the right product for their needs.9

Beauty shoppers want to feel confident before clicking the “buy” button

When it comes to beauty, standards are high and shoppers want to ensure they are making the best decision before purchasing a newly found product or brand. Beauty shoppers who came to or said that using our services helped them feel ready to make a purchase. Fifty-three percent of shoppers said Amazon helped them feel confident in their purchase, while 35% of shoppers said Amazon helped them find a product they were considering.10 A large portion of shoppers, about 58%, used Amazon’s shopping results pages to do their research, whether that was price comparisons, finding new brands, or scoping out the best bargains.11

Advertising can play a role in purchasing decisions. In fact, 93% of beauty shoppers recalled seeing an ad.12 These beauty product buyers also said that Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products were impactful as they shopped.

Beauty shoppers are motivated to find and purchase the products that are right for them. Whether they are on or off Amazon, beauty shoppers who research a product on Amazon make their purchase within a few days. That means about 85% of beauty product shoppers buy an item right then or within a few days of coming to Amazon.13

For beauty customers the shopping journey spans both on and offline. Brands can make an impression with these shoppers by using Amazon’s advertising options to showcase their products. Whether beauty customers purchase the products the love online or in stores, what they see on Amazon can make an impact in their future purchasing decision.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, it’s a great time for brands to consider how they want to stand out to beauty product shoppers, and help them put together that perfect holiday look.

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