How Amazon helps customers shop for cars

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

By Rachel Messinger
Sr. Marketing Manager

At Amazon, we are constantly thinking about innovating on behalf of our customers. This is true even for products that are not sold on Amazon. An example of this is cars. While automobiles are not sold on Amazon, we still believe that we have an opportunity to help customers within the auto space.

Here are two ways Amazon is working to improve the car shopping and owning experience for customers in an increasingly digital landscape:

1. Amazon Vehicles and Amazon Garage

Customers come to Amazon to discover and learn about products, and they trust Amazon to help them make purchase decisions. Two of our auto offerings, Amazon Vehicles, a car research destination and automotive community, and Amazon Garage, a way for customers to more easily discover automotive parts and accessories designed specifically to fit their vehicles, help customers get the information they need when shopping for vehicles, parts and accessories.

2. Prime Now, Drive Now

With our 2016 campaign, “Prime Now, Drive Now,” Hyundai worked with Amazon to reinvent the car shopping experience. Using Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service, customers were encouraged to sign up to test-drive a car—but with an interesting twist. Instead of having to go to the dealership, the car was delivered to their homes by an Amazon Prime Now representative. The goal of the campaign was to improve the test-drive experience for customers by saving them time and alleviating part of the pressure of shopping for a new car. View the Prime Now, Drive Now video to see the campaign in action.

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