Unveiled at unBoxed: Amazon Ads new solutions can help brands better understand and connect with audiences

October 26, 2021

Building a brand takes time. Many successful brands are able to not just reach their customers, but also make connections that last. Brands can do this a number of ways, including forging connections through interactions and messaging, which can then shape customers’ experiences with a brand, its service, and its product offerings.

Staying top of mind is important for brands—that’s why brand marketing is a helpful way for brands to connect with audiences. But how do brands know whether their advertising campaigns are making an impact? At unBoxed 2021, which was held October 26 through October 27, Amazon Ads debuted four advertising solutions that can help brands better understand their audiences and increase brand engagement.

Build a baseline with Brand Metrics (βeta)

With Amazon’s Brand Metrics, brands can create more informed paid and organic marketing strategies. Brand Metrics is a self-service measurement solution that goes beyond ad-attributed actions to help brands of any size quantify and optimize their performance in Amazon’s store based on shopping engagements that can be predictive of actual sales on Amazon.

Brand Metrics helps brands better understand the values of different shopping engagements as customers move through the early stages of shopping to purchase to loyalty. With this suite of awareness and consideration metrics, brands can measure the long-term value of brand engagement while also evaluating what’s driving growth for their businesses.

Brands can also dive deeper into shopping engagement insights by looking at sales generated over a 12-month lookback period, and monitor how they’re performing relative to their categories as a whole.

Discover what’s working with Amazon Brand Lift (βeta)

You can have a great campaign, but how do you know it’s actually working?

Using Amazon Brand Lift, Amazon DSP advertisers can launch studies to get fast, reliable, and actionable insights at scale that help them understand the impact of their brand marketing efforts. Brands can quantify impact for six different campaign objectives—such as awareness, preferences, and intent—based on survey responses from an opt-in panel of Amazon shoppers. Surveys can be created in just a few minutes using templates in Amazon DSP.

This measurement solution allows for brands to survey audiences that have been served an ad, as well as a control group modeled by machine learning. The responses from both groups will help brands understand the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Amazon Brand Lift studies are powered by the Amazon Shopper Panel, an opt-in, invitation-only program where panelists can earn monthly rewards by choosing to share receipts from purchases made outside of Amazon.com or by completing short surveys.

Get deeper insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Sometimes, brands want to see the full picture; that’s where Amazon Marketing Cloud can help.

Amazon Marketing Cloud, or AMC, is a holistic measurement solution that helps brands dive into custom analytics and generate cross-media insights. AMC allows advertisers to run any aggregating query over Amazon Ads signals like impressions, clicks, and conversions. Built on Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketing Cloud provides brands a secure, privacy-safe environment in which they can innovate and customize analytics based on their needs. AMC has a few new features that can help advertisers make more informed marketing decisions.

Advertisers can upload their own pseudonymized signals into their AMC instance, and query them alongside event-level signals from their Amazon Ads campaigns. This can help brands get a more holistic analysis and increased visibility into cross-channel marketing efficiency.

AMC recently added an instructional query library that provides templated analytics queries across a range of measurement options. Advertisers can choose to run these queries with just one click, or customize them. This library can be easily accessed in the AMC UI.

Increase engagement with Brand Follow

When customers find a brand they love, they can easily follow that brand by selecting the “Follow” button on Stores, Posts, or Amazon Live. Brand Follow helps foster long-term, loyal connections between Amazon shoppers and their favorite brands. Currently, there are more than 20 million Follow relationships between shoppers and brands in Amazon’s store.

Followers may also see deals and new product arrivals in the new “From brands you follow” on their Amazon homepage. This way, customers can connect with brands across many phases of their shopping journey. Brand Follow offers customers another way to tailor their Amazon shopping experience. For example, shoppers can get mobile notifications when a brand is about to stream on Amazon Live.

Brands are also able to initiate email campaigns about new product announcements and offers, which Amazon will send to shoppers who choose to follow the brand.

Amazon Ads will continue creating more experiences that showcase products and content to brands’ followers through their shopping journey.

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