Amazon Publisher Direct and Paramount Advertising announce expanded agreement, providing Amazon advertisers access to more premium video inventory

January 31, 2023

Amazon Publisher Direct and Paramount Advertising have expanded their agreement, providing Amazon Ads customers with direct programmatic access to more of Paramount Global’s leading streaming TV content. This includes enabling increased advertiser reach both across devices and in new, international locales.

Advertisers using Amazon DSP can programmatically reach exclusive Amazon audiences across EyeQ, Paramount Global’s premium video advertising platform, which includes the company’s ad-supported streaming services Pluto TV and Paramount+, as well as leading brands such as CBS News, CBS Sports HQ, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Paramount Network, BET, and ET Live.

Enabling direct access to more Paramount Global content makes it even easier for Amazon advertisers to engage their desired audience via streaming TV, while leveraging a streamlined supply path to EyeQ inventory. Driven by free streaming television service Pluto TV, Amazon Publisher Direct and Paramount Global are also helping optimize programmatic access for advertisers at scale internationally, expanding beyond the United States into additional locales, such as the United Kingdom and Germany.

“Amazon Publisher Direct is helping bring buyers and sellers closer together. We are excited Amazon Ads customers will benefit from expanded access to Paramount Global’s premium inventory across devices and in new locales. Through this expanded agreement, Paramount Global is providing advertisers on Amazon DSP a unified path to help reach their brands’ goals across a wide array of premium content.”

— Bryan Quinn, director of streaming TV and audio, Amazon Ads

Amazon Publisher Direct and Paramount Global will continue to collaborate on new capabilities for advertisers in the near term.

“We look forward to growing our relationship with Amazon as we innovate together on behalf of our viewers and advertising partners. With EyeQ, we offer an industry-leading CTV ad solution and are excited to expand the access to more advertisers.”

— Leo O’Connor, SVP and head of programmatic advertising, Paramount Global

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