Indian consumers’ research preferences and attributes and interests of Amazon shoppers

December 01, 2021

Research behavior among Indian consumers has evolved during the last few years as Internet adoption has expanded across the country. This adoption of digital research has penetrated across towns, age groups, and socioeconomic groups within India.

Amazon Ads and Kantar surveyed more than 5,000 Indian consumers to learn their research preferences and understand the interests and attributes of Internet users and Amazon customers in India. Their responses indicate online information plays a significant role in their purchase decisions, and some distinct attributes for those who choose to use Amazon during their shopping journey.

Here is a look at the key findings:

1. Online research is an integral part of the consumer research journey

Our survey found that online touch points are equally important to offline touchpoints among Indian consumer groups before they make a purchase. Fifty-three percent of respondents reported that online touch points play an active role in their purchases. These consumers, on an average, visited 2.5 websites for research in the last 6 months. Further, this preference for online research in not unique to any specific age group, town class, or socioeconomic group.

2. Across audiences and categories, Amazon is a popular place to learn or research about products

Amazon has emerged as a popular place for product discovery among shoppers in India. The study found that nearly 73% of all online researchers surveyed access Amazon to learn about products. This usage of Amazon as a place to learn about products is seen across audiences (age groups, genders, cities, and socioeconomic groups) and categories (electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, apparel, personal care, and grocery).

3. Amazon shoppers have distinct attributes and interests

While preference for shopping on Amazon is seen across survey respondents, consumers using Amazon to learn about products present different attributes as compared to the average Internet population in India. Amazon shoppers are slightly younger adults, more educated, corporate job holders, and more affluent as compared to the average Internet audience. They also tend to demonstrate different lifestyle preferences, reporting high preference towards health and wellness (diet-conscious, exercise enthusiasts), travel and leisure (globe-trotters, domestic tourists, weekenders), and trendsetters (early adopters, fashionistas).

4. Amazon shoppers prefer premium categories and brands

The survey showed that Amazon shoppers tend to shop across more categories than average Internet users in India. They also tend to own more discretionary premium products, such as smart TVs, double-door refrigerators, dishwashers, smart wearables, credit cards, and four-wheelers. The Amazon shoppers among respondents held more premium/luxury brands across categories (e.g., premium smartphones, sportswear, apparel, sunglasses, watches).

Learn more about the study in the infographic below.

 results of the study shown in several graphs in an infographic


Amazon-Kantar study, voluntary survey among 5,186 participants, April 2021