Amazon Attribution (beta) launches in Canada and Europe

November 2, 2020

By Andy Lane
Measurement Program Manager

We’re excited to announce the expanded availability of Amazon Attribution (beta), a free measurement and advertising attribution solution. In addition to the UK and US, Amazon Attribution is now available for vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry who sell products in Amazon’s stores in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This expansion includes the availability of Amazon Attribution within the Amazon Advertising API across these regions.

Now, advertisers in these countries can access Amazon conversion reporting—including metrics such as detail page views, Add to Carts, and sales—for campaigns across paid and organic search, social, display, video, and email. With these insights, you can now understand how your non-Amazon marketing campaigns impact shopping activity and sales on Amazon.

By using Amazon Attribution to measure your non-Amazon marketing tactics, you’ll get insight into how shoppers are engaging with your brand wherever they spend time and how those experiences can lead to shopping activity and sales on Amazon. You can then use that information to optimize and plan your marketing strategies based on which non-Amazon channels, publishers, and tactics you learn are driving value for your brand across the shopping journey. With our expansion across Europe and Canada, you can also apply these insights across regions to help you build your global presence with holistic marketing strategies.

Using Amazon Attribution to measure the impact of your non-Amazon marketing campaigns on your Amazon business—especially as we enter the holiday season—can help you unlock the following benefits to help optimize your marketing strategy:

1. New insights about how customers discover your brand and products on Amazon

Amazon Attribution can help you unlock key insights about how your customers are discovering your brand on Amazon. For example, through Amazon Attribution reporting, BeaverCraft, a craft and supply company, found that their customers weren’t engaging with their paid advertising campaigns as much as they were with the brand’s organic content on their YouTube channel and owned blog. By shifting its marketing strategy, the brand was ultimately able to double its Amazon sales.

“BeaverCraft is a new company, still in its youth. From the marketing perspective, we’re still learning how to market our products in a way that drives value for both our customers and for our business. With the learnings from Amazon Attribution, we have been able to better understand which channels and strategies resonate with our niche audience and mirror that approach across all our marketing efforts.” – Irene Pinchuk, Head of Marketing, BeaverCraft

2. New testing opportunities to help maximize performance

There are a number of ways you can use Amazon Attribution insights to understand which marketing tactics resonate most with your audiences, including testing marketing channels, audiences, creatives, and landing pages. To learn more about the types of tests you can run, visit our post on recommended tactics to help you assess which strategies work best for your brand. As you continue to test, you’ll learn what works, so you can optimize current campaigns and plan future campaigns to maximize impact. Find out how pet care brand MidWest Homes for Pets was able to achieve a 32% return on ad spend using Amazon Attribution insights to optimize its strategy toward the publishers driving the highest engagement rates.

3. New ways to achieve key business goals across the funnel

Whether your business objectives include growing awareness of your brand, increasing consideration of your products, or driving sales on Amazon, Amazon Attribution can help you better understand how to create strategies to achieve each of these goals. You’ll uncover new insights for how to engage shoppers no matter where they are in their journeys.

With this release, we’re excited to bring Amazon Attribution measurement to more advertisers in more locations worldwide, empowering them with improved insights to help them grow their businesses on Amazon.

Get started with Amazon Attribution

Here’s how you can get started with Amazon Attribution today:

  • For advertisers interested in using Amazon Attribution to measure their non-Amazon marketing campaigns, register here.
  • For advertisers and agencies currently working with a tool provider, reach out to your point of contact to find out whether they have integrated with the Amazon Attribution API and how to get started.
  • For tool providers, agencies, and advertisers interested in integrating with the Amazon Attribution API, click here to learn more.

To learn more about how to begin measuring your campaigns and how to think about optimization strategies, view our Amazon Attribution guide: