Amazon Attribution is now available within the Amazon Ads API

August 27, 2020

By Michael Diaz
Measurement Program Manager

Amazon Attribution is a free beta measurement solution that helps brands grow their businesses by providing visibility into how your non-Amazon marketing and advertising campaigns across search, social, video, display, and email impact shopping activity and sales on Amazon.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Amazon Attribution is now available in the Amazon Ads API, enabling brands to seamlessly view Amazon Attribution measurement within their tool provider's familiar interface. As part of a closed beta, Kenshoo, Marin Software, Perpetua, and Quartile have integrated with the Amazon Attribution API. Now that it is available in open beta, all providers integrated with the Amazon Ads API may immediately access Amazon Attribution programmatically. Accessing Amazon Attribution through API-integrated systems helps advertisers unlock the following benefits:

Streamlined operations and campaign setup

We understand that juggling multiple analytics tools and creating unique measurement tags for every campaign isn’t always feasible. Our new Amazon Attribution API integration helps ease this process, providing advertisers with access to Amazon Attribution metrics within the tool they’re already using to manage their campaigns. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to launch campaign measurement in just a few clicks. Now, advertisers can spend less time and resources on manual operations, and more time focusing on what matters—reviewing insights, identifying trends, and creating optimization strategies to help maximize performance.

Unified reporting for your cross-channel digital marketing tactics

A recent study by Sirkin research revealed that 82% of the marketing leaders surveyed cited the inability to attribute campaign or content activity to revenue as one of their major marketing challenges in 2020.1

We aim to solve this challenge with the Amazon Attribution API integration. For the first time, advertisers working with API-integrated tool providers can get a comprehensive and quantifiable view of their Amazon performance for non-Amazon marketing campaigns, all within one familiar console. This means that advertisers can now view upper-funnel engagement metrics, like impressions and clicks, alongside lower-funnel Amazon conversion metrics, including Add to Carts, detail page views, and sales.

"Kenshoo is able to help create a unified experience for our customers through seamless integrations with the Amazon Ads API. We are excited to announce that now all Kenshoo customers who use Amazon Attribution can easily apply Amazon measurement to their non-Amazon search and social campaigns, all from within Kenshoo’s interface. Kenshoo clients who use Amazon Attribution no longer have to create attribution tags manually to measure their campaigns, and can also leverage Kenshoo’s optimizations to help maximize their return on ad spend." – Nich Weinheimer, General Manager E-commerce, Kenshoo

Automated optimizations to help improve return on investment (ROI)

Today, advertisers need to manually review campaign performance in the Amazon Attribution self-service console and then execute optimization strategies based on those results within their various advertising management tools. This can make it difficult to efficiently maximize campaign impact. Now through the Amazon Attribution API integration, advertisers can use tool providers’ optimization tools to make automated bidding adjustments on their non-Amazon marketing campaigns based on predetermined goals, like return on ad spend (ROAS) or sales on Amazon. This will help advertisers improve spend efficiency and grow performance across their non-Amazon marketing campaigns.

"Kenshoo’s Amazon Attribution integration completely revolutionizes the potential of our Paid Search campaigns. Measuring impact across the shopping journey from ad click to purchase allows our team to identify which keywords are most-likely to convert to purchases. This empowers us to A) hone our keyword mix B) inform creative adjustments and C) drive business growth on behalf of our clients.” – Will Hoverman, Senior Search Specialist, Empower

Get started with the Amazon Attribution API

Here’s how you can get started with the Amazon Attribution API:

  • For advertisers and agencies currently working with a tool provider, reach out to your point of contact to find out whether they’ve integrated with the Amazon Attribution API and how to get started.
  • For advertisers and agencies that don’t work with API-integrated tool providers but want to apply Amazon Attribution measurement to non-Amazon marketing campaigns, click here to learn more.
  • For tool providers, agencies, and advertisers interested in integrating with the Amazon Attribution API, click here to learn more.

Amazon Attribution is available to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and vendors that sell products on Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. It is also available to agencies and tool providers to manage on behalf of their clients.

1Sirkin Research, February 2020.