Meet the new Amazon Ad Server from Amazon Ads

June 09, 2023

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Delivering results for customers since 2019, Amazon Ad Server, formerly known as Sizmek Ad Suite, has unveiled a new identity. Brands and agencies worldwide will find expanded capabilities and feature offerings that help make cross-channel campaign execution easier and more effective, along with refreshed visuals across the interface.

In the face of future challenges with respect to ad addressability as a result of modern browser restrictions, Amazon Ad Server remains focused on bringing trusted creative tech solutions that help further brands’ connections to their customers as an interoperable solution for ad serving, creative authoring, and measurement.

Today, Amazon Ad Sever is the only ad server that can be used to run video and display dynamic creatives tailored to Amazon audiences. Built on Amazon Web Services, it is also the only ad server integrated with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), which allows brands to combine their cross-media measurement with Amazon first-party signals to analyze unique insights.

Able to serve across publishers and demand-side platforms (DSPs) globally, Amazon Ad Server also enjoys added automation with Amazon DSP, making it a unified place to build, distribute, and analyze creatives.

Advertisers will discover even more ties across Amazon ad tech in 2023. Using Amazon Ad Server, Amazon DSP, AMC, and Amazon Publisher Direct together can help advertisers improve scalability of creative optimization, increase campaign reach throughout Amazon and third-party inventories, and deliver cross-media insights unique to Amazon.

Within the ad server, advertisers can continue running campaigns and our creative tech suite, interruption-free. To connect impactful ads with the most relevant audiences, dynamic creative optimization helps brands and agencies scale relevant creative messaging over an array of channels, devices, and formats. With 95% of browser traffic estimated to be anonymous by 20241 and creative impact more important than ever, Amazon Ad Server offers authoring tools that help quickly launch elegant, engaging, and effective digital ads.

Amazon Ad Server is a source of truth to verify campaign delivery and drive accountability across media partners. Advertisers can measure performance covering display, video, search, and social. This includes reach and frequency metrics now powered by machine learning models, and our click-landing attribution solution can help provide lift in attributing post-click conversions using first-party signals.

Amazon Ad Server continues to provide both self-service and managed-service usage with an intuitive user experience backed by expert service and support. From producing unique ad experiences to providing strategic consultations, our global customer service team offers in-depth local media experience.

With a new face and name, Amazon Ad Server empowers digital practitioners to easily optimize workflows, connect relevant messages with the right audiences, and centralize on-demand insights.

To learn more about Amazon Ad Server, connect with an Amazon Ads account executive here.

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