Increase campaign relevance with advertiser hashed audiences

JUNE 12, 2017

Securely improve cross-channel campaign performance with advertiser audiences

Advertiser audiences provide advertisers a way of incorporating their existing audiences into their Amazon As campaigns to drive relevance. Advertisers can transfer audience information from multiple sources to be used in their media strategies, including advertiser hashed audiences.

Advertiser hashed audiences can be leveraged by all advertisers, including those whose products or services aren’t sold on Hashed audiences can be applied to any Amazon Ads campaign at no additional cost.

This self-service solution provides accuracy and reach in all stages of a cross-channel campaign. Advertiser hashed audiences can help advertisers:

Customers Reach in Venn diagram
  • Reach existing customers to drive relevant, precise creative messaging regardless of an advertiser’s campaign goal. Advertisers such as Burt’s Bees more than doubled their return on ad spend using their hashed audience.
  • Reach customers who exhibit similar behaviors by building a lookalike audience off of their hashed audience.
  • Reach new audiences anyhwere they spend their time by excluding existing audiences from an advertiser’s media plan. Focusing on new customers builds greater relevance and prevents redundancy, which has provided an estimated 5% to 10% savings in advertising spend for early adopter, Nespresso.

How it works

To create an advertiser hashed audience, an advertiser (or agency on behalf of its client) must prepare their audience using a provided application that can be downloaded and used offline or manually by following documentation provided to prepare and hash their audience. The advertiser or agency then selects the hashed audience to be activated.

To learn more about how to use advertiser audiences to increase campaign results, read some of our case studies and contact your account executive. If you don’t have an account representative, please contact us.