Adobe helped the Twitch community create custom New World armor with the Co-Op Drops Program

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May 9, 2022

It took more than an hour of careful debate and voting: Which gloves? Which sword handle? What color armor? During a livestream in March, Shroud, his Twitch community, and New World Art Director Charles Bradley designed a new, custom armor set for the game using Adobe Creative Cloud. Together, Twitch streamer, Bradley, and thousands of viewers around the world worked to create and name the Crimson Plague armor skin and Crimson Edge sword skin. Complete with menacing glowing eyes, a beaked helmet, clawed gloves, and a blade with embedded gemstones—the armor set is available for New World players to actually obtain in the game through the latest Twitch program for brands, Co-Op Drops.

Using a custom extension inspired by Adobe Creative Cloud, the Twitch audience decided the colors, textures, and patterns of every item dropped. This stream was part of a new interactive campaign from Adobe and six Twitch creators to debut Co-Op Drops.

“Drops are in-game rewards which viewers earn from watching streams on Twitch,” Twitch Head of Sales Sarah Iooss explained while highlighting the campaign at Amazon’s NewFronts presentation in May. “Our Co-Op Drops program allows brands to ‘present’ Drops opportunities to the community—helping brands to earn viewers’ trust by offering rewards and tapping into popular gaming moments.”

All together, these streams garnered over 3.1 million total views and more than 21,000 chat messages sent— “showcasing just how engaged the community was during the campaign,” Iooss explained.

Twitch Drops are in-game loot that are obtained by a Twitch viewer after watching certain creators. Limited-edition in-game items can be claimed and used in gameplay after Drops are earned. To obtain the Crimson Plague and Crimson Edge in New World, viewers needed to watch 2 hours of New World content on one of the participating creators’ Twitch channels.

Traditionally, Drops are a self-service tool used by publishers without the involvement of outside advertisers. But now, with the Co-Op Drops program, Twitch is giving brands the chance to participate in these highly engaged opportunities that are all unlocked through Twitch media.

This campaign that launched with Adobe and New World, and brought to life with several Twitch creators, marked the first use of Co-Op Drops on Twitch.

“There are so many ways to reach viewers on Twitch. You can also take out traditional video and display ads that play during programming, pursue custom sponsorships, or work with our Brand Partnership Studio to pursue a sponsored stream with a particular creator featuring fun in-stream polls or mini-games,” Iooss said. ”Whatever you choose, Amazon’s insights will give you the knowledge to plan and scale your campaigns with confidence.“