5 new Stores features to engage shoppers and make updates easier

JANUARY 14, 2020

By Bobby Agarwal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
and Harjot Grewal, Product Manager

Stores are at the heart of your brand experience on Amazon. Stores are free, dedicated destinations on Amazon where you can use curated content and multimedia assets to tell your brand story and display your selection to shoppers.

We've released new features that help you showcase your brand and products with richer, more engaging content experiences. We’ve also made it easier for you to update your Store, so you can keep it fresh for returning customers.

Let's take a look at the new features.

1. Shoppable collection images

With shoppable images, you can inspire customers with rich lifestyle images that feature your products in different settings or in collections with complementary products in your portfolio. You can choose to make any of the products in the image shoppable, enabling customers to click on the featured products to see basic information, such as name, price, customer ratings, and Prime availability. They can also add the product to their cart or navigate to the product detail page. This allows shoppers to move from inspiration to purchase in just a few clicks.

product collection portfolio

2. Images with text

You now have the choice of adding text overlays to images. This capability lets you add descriptive text to images—with customizable location, size, alignment, and color—to better describe products or selections you want to showcase. And text on images can improve the Store’s search engine optimization (SEO), which may increase traffic to the Store from third-party search engines.

product collection portfolio with text

3. Bulk and out-of-stock product management

Instead of uploading products individually, you can now upload products in bulk to your product grids and featured-deals tiles. You can also opt to automatically hide any products that are out of stock, optimizing the shopping experience for customers and making it easier and quicker to keep your Store updated.

4. Stores scheduling

To make it easier to manage your Store, you can now publish updates at scheduled dates and times, allowing you to plan ahead and align your Store's publishing schedule with new releases, seasonal changes, and brand updates. When you submit your updated Store for publishing, you can request a date and time at which the changes will be live to customers.

5. New links to Stores

We’ve launched a new way for Amazon shoppers to discover relevant Stores. In addition to the products featured on the simple landing page of your Sponsored Brands ads, we’ll now add your brand logo at the bottom of the page, which customers can click to go to your Store. We're also experimenting with other ways for shoppers to discover your Store on Amazon. For this reason, it is important that you upload a brand logo in the Store builder (if you haven't already) and keep it updated.

Use these new features to help make your Store an even better experience for customers. If you haven’t created a Store yet, visit our site to learn more.