4 basics to boost your product launch with sponsored ads

Updated November 24, 2021

By Bharani Nittala
Analytics and media manager

Sponsored ads help Amazon shoppers discover your products and make informed buying decisions. They can also help grow sales of your new products faster. In fact, boosting the launch of new products with sponsored ads within the first 13 weeks can help them reach the median annual sales volume of comparable products 37% faster than launching without advertising.1

Whether it‘s your first time selling a new product on Amazon or you have managed many product launches before, we want to help you achieve your goals. Here are some tips on how to help create successful sponsored ads campaigns to boost a new product launch.

1. Define the goals for your launch

Are you looking to help increase sales of a new product or promote a new flagship product to drive customer engagement with your brand? No matter what your goals are, establishing them up front will help you create your advertising strategy and measure your campaign performance later.

2. Get your product detail pages ready for advertising

When setting up the detail page for your new product, be sure to create a clear title, include high-quality images, provide bullet points with additional product details, and write a helpful description. Doing this can help engage shoppers and ensure they have the right information to make a purchase decision.

3. Choose your advertising solutions2

If you want to help grow your sales even faster, take a look at which self-service ad solutions are available to you. Keep in mind that not all ad products may fit the goals of your product launch, so focus on the tactics that will be most meaningful for your brand and product.

These keyword- or product-targeted ads help relevant shoppers discover your new product as they’re browsing shopping results and product detail pages.

Help shoppers discover your new product within the context of your brand and product portfolio with keyword- or product-targeted ads that feature your logo, a customized headline, and a collection of your products containing your new listing.

To help reach audiences wherever they are in their purchasing journey and introduce them to your new product, use these high-visibility display ads, which can appear wherever they spend time and target by interest, category, or product.

Build your Store3 page

Create a unique page in your Store―your brand’s dedicated destination on Amazon―that features your new product in order to boost the launch, and use Sponsored Brands to drive traffic to the page.

4. Measure the success of your launch and make campaign improvements

After your product launches and your campaigns have been running for at least two weeks, review your advertising reports to understand your performance. Depending on the goals you set earlier, look at your generated sales, new-to-brand metrics, return on advertising spend (ROAS), or other insights to help optimize your campaigns.

Want to learn more? Explore our guide on using sponsored ads to connect your new product with interested shoppers throughout their buying journey.

1 Amazon internal data, 2019
2 Products, features, placements, and targeting tactics may not be available in all countries and to all advertisers.
3 Sellers already selling on Amazon in the country where they wish to advertise can create a Store at no additional cost. Otherwise, selling fees apply.