3 reasons you should participate in Prime Day

Updated October 02, 2021

Throughout the month of Prime Day, Prime members engage with Amazon to browse and shop for products across multiple product categories. Prime Day 2021 was the biggest two-day period ever for Amazon’s third-party sellers, and members purchased more than 250 million items worldwide.1

This highly anticipated and trafficked event is a time when you, as an advertiser, can make your brand and deals discoverable to shoppers. Here are a few of the opportunities:

You can reach Prime member audiences that visit Amazon before, during, and after Prime Day

You can engage Prime member audiences at scale by showcasing your brand and promoting your upcoming and live Prime Day deals before and during the event. After Prime Day, you can reengage audiences while your brand is still top of mind for shoppers.

You can engage new audiences

You can promote your deals as a way to introduce new audiences to your brand and entice them to try your products for the first time. As a result, you may observe an increase in new-to-brand customers on Prime Day.

You can drive sales across your portfolio of products

As shoppers browse and shop for deals, they are likely to buy other, non-promoted products that they come across. You can use advertising strategies to drive sales not only through your deals, but also for other products within your brand portfolio.

Prime Day is approaching—it’s not too early to get started on your Prime Day deals and advertising strategy.

1Source: Amazon press release, 2021.