3 mobile marketing trends for 2022

February 25, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

The way consumers use mobile devices has been evolving. Once seen as a tool to make phone calls, send messages, and read emails, mobile devices offer many more services now such as shopping, transacting, video editing, and streaming content, according to reports.1

“Today’s mobile device is like a Swiss army knife. It has many functionalities,” said Frances Sinclair, Amazon Ads senior account executive.

With more features rolling out from mobile phone manufacturers each year, mobile devices are creating a frictionless experience for consumers who are navigating between the digital and physical world, Sinclair explained. Whether consumers are looking to purchase products on the go, managing their connected homes from the palm of their hand, or streaming their favorite music or videos, mobile devices are helping to facilitate those experiences.

Even though connectivity is now just a click away, many consumers say they want to engage with brands on their terms and time, according to Amazon Ads’ 2021 study with Environics.2 For example, 92% of European consumers said they want to decide when and where they interact with a brand.3 In order to be where consumers are in the moments they are most receptive to messaging, brands may want to consider leveraging the latest mobile advertising solutions in order to help them build awareness, consideration, and trust.

At Mobile World Congress, which is happening in Barcelona, Spain, from February 28 through March 3, Amazon Ads leaders will dive into how brands can reach and engage audiences. Ahead of the conference, explore the 2022 mobile trends brands may want to consider as they develop campaigns to connect with audiences, and help inform their purchase decisions.

Video streaming in the palm of one’s hand

Mobile viewing, whether that’s watching videos or livestreaming, has become increasingly popular for consumers, according to Statista.4 And smartphones have become one of the primary devices global consumers use to watch videos online, the study reports.5

“Little ounces of time in the day go to our mobile devices to get us what we need. There's a shift from the mobile device being a piece of entertainment equipment to being a vital part of many consumers’ lives,” Sinclair said.

As audiences continue to watch and stream video content on their mobile devices, brands have an opportunity to meet audiences where they are already engaging. Amazon Streaming TV ads and Twitch ads solutions can help brands share their messaging. By showing up where audiences already are, brands can stay top of mind.

Smartphones as powerful gaming devices

Long gone are the days of two-dimensional mobile games like Space Invaders. Mobile games are far more sophisticated now and also a growing business, according to reports.6 Smartphone games account for almost 50% of video gaming revenue worldwide, according to a 2020 Statista report.7

And mobile gaming is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 12.6% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2026, according to Research and Markets.8 As the mobile gaming industry expands globally, mobile games revenue is estimated to surpass 100 billion US dollars by 2023, Statista reports.9

With popularity for mobile gaming increasing, brands looking to reach an engaged audience may want to consider using Twitch’s ad solutions to develop campaigns that connect with Twitch’s unique audiences.

“Mobile is not just a personal experience, it's about connecting with others,” Sinclair said, and Twitch is a place that helps bring communities together over common interests and passions.

Shopping with the power of mobile

Shopping online has become ubiquitous as internet access increases around the world, according to Statista.10 In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during that same year, digital retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide.11 Many of these consumers are using their mobile devices to shop online.12

“A lot more shoppers are using their mobile devices for browsing products to purchasing groceries via mobile apps. Shoppers are now in an always-on mindset thanks to being more connected than ever before,” Sinclair said.

Brands who are looking to reach and engage audiences may want to consider using Amazon Ads solutions like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Amazon Live, and Amazon DSP, all of which can help brands meet customers along their shopping and entertainment journeys.

“Mobile is a touchpoint for so many aspects of shoppers’ lives. These devices have changed the way we interact with content, information, shopping, and they are helping to create a frictionless experience so customers can find the products they need,” Sinclair said.

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