The Brand Innovation Lab brings the 2021 Amazon Holiday Kids Gift Book to digital life

December 22, 2021 | By Dora Wang, Content Manager

Last year, Amazon sent the “Joy Delivered” Holiday Kids Gift Book to over 20 million households. This shoppable book contains gift ideas for kids of all ages to spark holiday inspiration, plus seasonal activities for kids and families.

It's an annual tradition that has become popular with families every holiday season. "There’s a huge demand for them,” said one parent. “Two years ago there were parents on Facebook pleading for copies and a person I know was so desperate that they bought one off eBay.”

So how do you make the next Amazon holiday wish book in 2021 just as great—or even better?

How about creating a brand-new, custom-built digital version that allows millions more households to get in on the Gift Book fun with a fully interactive experience online?

Before 2021, the only way to access a digital version of the Holiday Kids Gift Book was to download a PDF, which allowed customers to see what the pages of the book looked like, but allowed for limited interaction and wasn’t as easy to navigate. Amazon’s toys consumer team wanted to make a better option, so families using this version could experience the same fun and inspiration as flipping through the physical book. They also wanted to create an easier experience for customers shopping the physical book to purchase the products they were interested in.

So this year, the toys team called on the Amazon Ads Brand Innovation Lab to do what they do best—create a meaningful and delightful customer experience, while also innovating new solutions to bring brands closer to customers.

The 2021 "Ready, Set, Play" Holiday Kids Gift Book is now available online as a custom-built interactive digital flip-book. Customers can explore the book by swiping to turn pages and navigating through thumbnail images. Like the printed book, it's full of content for families such as gift options for kids, fun illustrations and stories, and even instructions for using any Amazon box to create DIY cardboard animal.

While kids browsing the book may be most interested in the activities listed above, many parents and other adults are looking to purchase gifts for the kids in their families. To help reduce friction and provide a more seamless online shopping experience, the Brand Innovation Lab also developed new technology to allow shoppers to add products directly to their Amazon list with a click. This new solution improves the digital book’s functionality and fulfills a common request from shoppers.

The digital version of the Amazon holiday wish book also enhances the physical version. Shoppers can scan QR codes on the printed pages to jump right to the corresponding page of the digital version, and easily add to their list or cart from there, for a seamless omni-channel experience that connects the printed page to digital shopping.

By creating an online version of the Holiday Kids Gift Book, the Brand Innovation Lab also opened up digital ad space for brands, which can use the ad space to feature their products on the screen alongside the book and drive additional visibility during the holiday shopping season.

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