Sellers: Announcing 2 new ways to manage your advertising

OCTOBER 11, 2018

By Erica Birmingham
Sr. Marketing Manager

We’re excited to introduce two new offerings in Seller Central that you may find useful to your advertising strategy. These resources offer third-party businesses specializing in advertising solutions that don’t require you to write code or have technical skills. If you’re looking for a managed service to execute and optimize advertising campaigns, you can find options in our Service Provider Network. If you’re looking for technical tools to programmatically manage your ads, explore the Marketplace Appstore.

The Service Provider Network, now available on Seller Central, is a directory of service providers that have expertise in offering paid services relevant for global sellers. Advertising Optimization Services providers can help you improve your sponsored advertisement campaigns on Amazon. If you choose to retain a service provider, you will be contracting directly with them. You can explore the network by:

  • Marketplace where you sell
  • Service provider location
  • Service provider customer service language
  • Subscription type

If you’re a seller in the North American marketplace interested in a tool rather than a managed service, there is another resource to explore: the new Marketplace Appstore. The Appstore is located in Seller Central, and lists paid tools created by external developers to help automate and manage advertising on Amazon. If you choose an app through the Appstore, you will work directly with the application provider.

Visit the Service Provider Network and the Marketplace Appstore today to explore which options best meet your business needs. To find the Service Provider Network and the Marketplace Appstore, sign in to Seller Central and look in the navigation bar.