Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

Build impactful ads quickly and easily to drive sales.

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Drive more sales, raise product visibility

For Amazon vendors, reaching new customers and increasing product revenue just got a whole lot easier. With Amazon Marketing Services, you can:

  • Target ads by shopper search keywords or products
  • Build ads quickly and easily—no design or technical expertise needed
  • Pay only when shoppers click your ad
  • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports

How it works

Amazon Marketing Services is currently available to Amazon vendors. Not a vendor? Learn how to become one

  1. Register and start creating an ad campaign
  2. Select the products you want to advertise
  3. Set your targeting, bid, campaign budget, and duration
  4. Submit your campaign

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Success Stories


Sawyer Products gained 16,000 product detail page views from its Amazon ad campaign, moving its MINI Water Filter from #53 to #16 in our Sports & Outdoors best-sellers list and triggering the company’s best sales month ever.

Sun Products

Sun Products used Sponsored Products to bid on 81 relevant keywords and maintained high bids given the competitive nature of this category. They spent $23,584 and saw a return of $125,679 in sales, achieving an ROI of 5:1.


Baggallini sees return on investment over 5x when driving sales with Amazon Marketing Services.

Just Paper Roses

When Just Paper Roses brought its line of paper gifts to and took advantage of Amazon Marketing Services, its shipped units doubled in a month.