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Connect with your customers—programmatically and at scale—where they shop, read, watch videos, and share online.

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Programmatic advertising

  • Leverage our exclusive first-party audience segments. Built on 20 years of observing billions of shopping patterns and updated in real time, we believe Amazon insights provide relevant experiences for your customers and better results for your brand.
  • Connect with customers throughout their journey. We deliver your message to the right customers at the right time across devices, the web, mobile apps, and ad formats.
  • Measure success. Our audience and performance reports show the impact of your advertising throughout the customer journey – from ad exposure to action.
  • Unique, high-quality inventory. AAP dynamically delivers ads across our owned-and-operated sites and apps, such as and IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites, top-notch apps, and through the largest exchanges.
  • Protect your brand reputation with campaign safety controls. AAP uses active site filtering and controls for fraudulent or robotic traffic.

We’d be happy to discuss our audience segment reports offered free-of-charge to advertisers, or set up a demonstration for you or your agency. Contact us today and we’ll be in touch.

Success Stories


Learn how the coffee pioneer beat CPA goals by 70% and drove sales 3x higher on Amazon compared to its projected goals.

Plato Pet Treats

Plato Pet Treats used the Amazon Advertising Platform and mobile display to deliver sales for its portfolio of dog treats. The campaign delivered a $1.21 ROI (return on ad spend) while increasing product research events by over 100% and add-to-list events by 40%.

Auto insurance provider

An Insurance provider used display advertising on the Amazon Advertising Platform to secure completed insurance quotes on its website. The campaign outperformed client benchmarks by 3x with a $5.00 average cost-per quote.

Regional Cable TV

Learn how this regional cable TV and internet provider used Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) to drive awareness, sign-ups and registrants – beating CPA goals by 59%.

National Eyewear Company

This national eyewear company increased brand consideration, driving consumers to go to their website and schedule an eye exam or find a store. They did this using Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) and beat their CPA goals by 36%.

Weight Loss Company

Using Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), this national weight loss company drove online sign-ups for their weight loss service plans, beating CPA goals by 39%.