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Amazon Ad Server

Maximize the impact of your creative

Amazon Ad Server allows you to create, distribute, and optimize your messaging, including ad serving, creative authoring, and dynamic creative optimization.

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What is Amazon Ad Server?

Amazon Ad Server is a global, multichannel ad server used to build, distribute, and measure campaigns across demand-side platforms (DSPs) and publishers worldwide. Amazon Ad Server (formerly Sizmek Ad Suite) offers brands and agencies the tools for creating engaging ads and centralizing applicable insights.

Why should I use Amazon Ad Server?

Amazon Ad Server gives you the creative control, flexibility, and efficiency to engage audiences with relevant, impactful ads.

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Build creative easily, at any skill level

Our tools provide full creative flexibility and ease of use that fit your workflow, whether you have a robust creative team or limited resources.

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Optimize campaigns to connect with audiences

Launch campaigns quickly and make in-flight adjustments with total control and efficiency, so you can serve the right creative at the right time.

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Analyze performance with centralized reporting

Power your measurement solutions with on-demand reporting that generates the insights you need to better understand campaign delivery and performance.

Benefits of Amazon Ad Server

Amazon Ad Server offers flexible solutions for creative authoring, campaign management, and cross-media measurement.

Easy creative authoring

Amazon Ad Server provides intuitive, efficient creative authoring tools that team members of any skill level can use to build and upload engaging creative.

Creative relevance and optimization

Our Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology helps you scale and optimize creative using a variety of shopping and streaming signals.

Creative analytics

Amazon Ad Server delivers creative insights by ad, version, or asset sliced against dimensions like audience and site.

Efficient campaign management

Common, repetitive tasks are handled with rules-based automation to help you focus on strategic objectives and launch faster.

Cross-media analytics

Amazon Ad Server provides consolidated, MRC-accredited, media-agnostic reporting that can be exported to internal tools or combined with Amazon-specific insights in Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Tailored service

Amazon Ad Server is fully self-service with an intuitive, efficient user interface (UI). Our technology is also backed by expert service that you can tailor to fit your needs, from completely full service to à la carte assistance.

Recommended Amazon Ad Server courses and certifications


Learn which campaign management solutions you can leverage as part of your advertising strategy and understand how they relate to your specific goals. Learn how to customize your account, create a campaign, upload ads, and make sure the right ad is served to the right audience at the right time.

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How to get started with Amazon Ad Server

To learn more about Amazon Ad Server, get in touch with our sales team.

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Who can use Amazon Ad Server?

Amazon Ad Server is available globally to advertisers and agencies running digital campaigns. Our creative tools are available to those responsible for developing ads, and APIs and available data feeds are directly accessible to advertisers and their partners.

What is Sizmek Ad Suite?

Sizmek Ad Suite is the former name of Amazon Ad Server.

How does Amazon Ad Server help me create more relevant ads?

Our DCO solution provides you with the ability to create thousands of ads, all customized to your specific audiences based on a variety of real-time signals. Any aspect of an ad can be dynamic, and driven by external inputs or manually configured. Dynamic creative ads have multiple options to control optimization and offer version-level reporting and version-level control.

How does Amazon Ad Server help me engage audiences across screens?

We provide high-impact ad experiences on a variety of screens by offering adaptive and responsive ad units and auto-transcoding for optimal video quality.

Which Amazon Ad Server metrics are MRC accredited?

Amazon Ad Server is certified for measurement and reporting of clicks, and of display, video, and rich media served advertising impressions within desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-application environments (excluding CTV/OTT environments); display and video viewable impressions and related metrics (desktop only); and the detection of general invalid traffic.

What is an ad server?

An ad server is used by advertisers and publishers to optimize, manage, and distribute ads across a multitude of paid channels. It uses advertising campaign parameters to dynamically serve relevant ads.

How does an ad server work?

As audiences browse the web, listen to podcasts or stream video, ad servers talk to one another to showcase a digital campaign in fractions of a second. This process loops in ad servers to dynamically serve up the most relevant ads by adapting to campaign parameters, simplifying the ad buying and planning process for digital advertising.