Advertise Your App (AYA) | Creative Acceptance Policies


  • Advertise Your App (AYA) is an advertising platform exclusively available to Amazon mobile app developers. Promote your app to millions of users on Fire Tablet Wake Screens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network (ads are shown to users within the United States, depending on app compatibility).

  • We prioritize our customers’ experience, so we set a high bar for our advertising experiences. Because auto-generated AYA ads must go through a manual review process to ensure that the ads meet the creative acceptance policies, this document outlines advertising policies and guidelines specific to the AYA program.

General Requirements

Image Quality

  • Images provided should be high quality, professional, and visually appealing. They must be a 2-dimensional representation of the product
  • There should be minimal text on the image. Text must be legible and easily understandable to the average customer
  • If the image contains a border, the border must be evenly distributed

Please ensure that:

  • The creative design is clean and simple
  • The headline is clear, concise and accurate
  • The app icon and images are in a high resolution

Title, Headline, and Text Formatting

The title, headline, and text:

  • Should not contain any additional unnecessary information
  • Should not contain special characters or symbols, including legal symbols
  • Should not end with article words (for example, “Silk Browser, The”)
  • Should be formatted in title case and should not end with any punctuation marks other than a question or exclamation mark

Please ensure that the headline and text:

  • Does not contain any pricing messages (“Free” is OK if the app is actually free)
  • Does not present customers with emotionally draining or depressing messages
  • Does not contain customer reviews and does not refer to Amazon ratings
  • Does not contain third party reviews or rating score
  • The copy does not use overly forceful phrases or exclamation points (For example “Don’t miss out!”, “HURRY – SAVE NOW” are not acceptable; “time limited offer” is more appropriate for Amazon customers
  • The advertisement does not contain any special offers, promotions or contests
  • Headline and text that mention the name of Amazon do not include the Amazon logo, and comply with the Brand Usage Guidelines

Foreign Language

  • Content must be in English as we do not currently have the ability to review ads in other languages

Unacceptable AYA Content

All advertising content must be appropriate for a general audience, conform to Amazon’s Creative Acceptance Policies, and comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to the advertiser, the advertising content, and any location where the advertisements may appear. As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality customer experience, it is our policy not to display ads containing or relating to certain products, services, or content that violates Amazon’s Creative Acceptance Policies.

Child directed ads
Ads for apps should not be targeted to children through messaging, imagery, or targeting segments. Untargeted ads, or ads directed toward parents or other adults is acceptable for apps geared toward children.

Distracting Ads
We do not accept advertising content designed with the intention to distract rather than engage. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors; loud, clashing colors, poor resolution images and fonts, intrusive, high-annoyance design elements such as flashing, high contrast transitions, or excessive animation (For example, pulsating, flashing, blinking, color to white).

Guns and weapons

  • We don’t permit images of authentic or realistic firearms on mobile banners, Fire Tablet Wake Screens or Fire TV home screens
  • Realistic guns are permissible on app detail pages. However, images cannot be overly violent; the gun cannot be pointed at a character, directed out toward the customer, shown being fired, or handled by a minor
  • Images of nonrealistic firearms that are clearly fantasy weapons (ray guns, Star Trek–style Tasers, etc.) are permissible in all placements
  • Military equipment and vehicles armed with weapons (tanks, warplanes, helicopters, etc.) may be acceptable unless their weapons are in
    the act of firing
  • We can accept images of swords, bows and arrows, and other weapons that aren’t firearms across all Amazon placements as long as the weapon isn’t bloody or shown being used in a violent or threatening manner

Screen shot 1

Links to the Apple App Store and Google Play
Whenever the customer’s device has access to the Amazon Appstore, the app must be downloaded via Amazon. If an Android device does not have access to the Amazon Appstore, the ad can link to Google Play. For iOS devices, ads must link to the Apple App Store.

Parental controls
Apps rated as “mature” will be filtered from Fire Tablets when parental controls are active.
Apps rated as “adult” are not accepted in our advertising program.

Pricing & limited time offers
Due to the dynamic nature of pricing and savings at Amazon, prices and limited time offers cannot be referenced in the Headline text. The only exception is the use of “Free”, providing the app is truly free for the duration of the ad campaign.

Scary or violent images
To ensure advertising is family friendly and appropriate for a general audience we do not accept advertising images or text that contain the following:

  • Children in adult situations or engaging in illegal activity
  • Adults influencing or enticing minors with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products
  • Depictions of minors in sexual situations
  • Children in peril, including verbal or physical abuse of children, excessive gunfire or weapons around children, or children or adolescents handling or using firearms
  • Overt references to, or images implying or depicting, rape or sexual molestation
  • Realistic or excessive violence, brutality, or scary images; graphic depictions of open wounds; or scenes of torture, dismemberment or mutilations of bodies (including cadavers)
  • Images of people or animals being abused, cruelty to animals, or people or animals on fire

Targeting restrictions
To help ensure a trustworthy experience on Amazon, we do not allow targeting related to race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation or other category.