Amazon Stores Creative Acceptance Policies


Vendors and Sellers can create Amazon Stores through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) or Seller Central. As Amazon Stores will become a native part of the Amazon shopping experience, they must uphold the high level of trust Amazon has established with our shopping customers.

It is the Vendor and Seller’s responsibility to comply with all applicable laws and rules and regulations that apply to the Vendor or Seller, the content of the Store, and any location where the Store appears. In addition, the Vendor or Seller must comply with Amazon’s Restricted Products Policies, and the following Creative Acceptance Policies and Guidelines for Amazon Stores.

1. Product Acceptability

The following types of products are prohibited for Amazon Stores:

  • Adult products: Pornography, products claiming to enhance sex, as well as other “adult” sexual products and services.
  • Alcohol: beer, wine, hard liquor, and all other alcoholic beverages.
  • Food and supplements: products containing ephedrine alkaloids, Salvia Divinorum or Salvinorin A. Also, products described as “Fat burners” either on the product package or within the Stores page.
  • Hate and intolerance: products that promote hate, or that incite violence or intolerance, or that advocate or discriminate against a protected group, whether based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or another category.
  • Infant formula: infant formula, follow-on formula, and other baby milk products are not acceptable in EU or IN.
  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia: products that promote violating the law, that can be used for abusing drugs, or bypassing drug tests.
  • Intellectual property: products or services that infringe, encourage, or enable, the infringement of intellectual property or personal rights
  • Questionable & potentially dangerous activities: including (but not limited to) false document services, cable descramblers, fireworks, products that promote hacking, or evading law enforcement, products or services deemed to be used for privacy invasion.
  • Tobacco: products containing tobacco, cigarette papers, e-cigarettes, and similar products.

2. Restrictions for Products

Child safety

  • Products for children must not show the product being used in an unsafe way. For example, paddling pools or other products that could cause harm to the child if misused, must show the product being used under adult supervision.

Medical and weight-loss products

  • Non-prescription health and beauty products cannot claim to be as effective as prescription products.
  • Weight loss products should not claim that the customer can lose weight by use of the product alone, or without following a calorie controlled diet and exercise program. Ads cannot suggest that weight loss results will be effective for everyone or that results are permanent.

3. Image and Video Acceptability

General: images and videos must be high-resolution, meet the minimum specifications for the selected tile. They cannot be pixelated, obviously distorted or stretched. Videos cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

Text: text within images and video must meet copy requirements below. In addition, text must be legible in contrast against the image background and size—a minimum of 32 pixels high in Hero, an image gallery, or an Extra Large (full width) image tile and 16 pixels high for other image tiles.

Entertainment trailers: The content rating for the product must be displayed prior to the trailer starting. We cannot accept red-band, or age-gated trailers, nor can we accept trailers for movies rated NC-17, or video games rated AO or the local equivalent.

Prohibited content: content that falls under the following categories are ineligible for static images and videos. Note: this list does not apply to Entertainment trailers approved by the relevant content rating body.

  • Children in dangerous or adult situations: displaying children in peril, around firearms, close to explosions, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, etc.
  • Excessive violence or gore: characters that have excessive open wounds, are in the act of being attacked with weapons, dismemberment, graphic depictions of cadavers. Please note that the presence of blood without violence or open wounds, is not a reason to decline an image. Note: this is not reason to decline a video trailer.
  • Images of actual or implied abuse: for example, humans or animals in distress, scenes of torture, molestation, actual or implied rape.
  • Sexual images: partial nudity is not necessarily a reason for declining an image or video, providing the partial nudity is contextually appropriate and not sexual in nature (for example, a woman in a bikini, an image of someone working out, models wearing the underwear for sale). We should moderate the image based on how sexualized it is; the following would be unacceptable outside of entertainment trailers:

    • Images that show people in poses emulating a sexual position or alluding to sexual activity whether clothed or unclothed
    • Images that draw undue attention to body parts, such as breasts or buttocks, in a sexual way. For example, exposure of breasts or excessive focus on the cleavage
    • Partial nudity along with a facial or bodily expression indicative of an orgasm
  • Intimate Apparel: Images and video of intimate clothing, lingerie, and swimwear products may not be sexually explicit or obscene, as determined at the sole discretion of Amazon. In addition, images of such products must comply with the following rules:
    • Images and video of live models that use poses that could be interpreted as indecent, excessively erotic, or lewd are not permitted.
    • Images and video that display full nudity (breasts, genitalia, bare bottoms, and so on) are not permitted.
    • Images and video with live models wearing sheer or opaque products might be permitted, provided that genitalia and breasts are not exposed or presented in a lewd or provocative manner. No bars or other types of graphics are permitted to cover exposed body parts.
    • Thongs and panties must use front views for the main product image or video.
    • Thongs and panties that do not provide full coverage in the front and back must have images or video that do not use a human model. Air-brushing is not permitted for exposed skin areas.

4. Copy

  • Capitalization:
    • Sentence case is recommended for all title and description text.
    • Capitalized words for common abbreviations (such as DIY), or where the registered product or brand names are capitalized are acceptable.
    • Ad Copy which combines random capitalized words with lowercase text are not permitted, for example “THIS headline is GREAT”
  • Claims and comparative statements: We cannot accept superlatives or, unsupported or exaggerated claims. Supporting evidence from an independent source must accompany superlative claims made within your store. For example: “Best Seller in the US, NY Times, March 2016”. The supporting disclosure for the claim must be contained within the product or text tile. Ad copy cannot denigrate another company or product, for example, “better made than [company/brand/named product]”.
  • Contact information: Amazon Stores cannot include phone numbers, email or physical addresses, nor link to sites outside of Amazon. Social media buttons, to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are permitted.
  • Dynamic Amazon content: Due to dynamic customer ratings, sales ranking, prices, and savings at
    Amazon, static copy cannot include references to Amazon rating, rank, price, or savings.
  • Language: The language of the page should match the language of the main Amazon site.
  • Spelling and grammar: All text must be spelled correctly; ASCII art is not acceptable.

5. Amazon Branding

  • Amazon UI elements: images and videos cannot contain Amazon UI elements (such as Add to Cart buttons).
  • Amazon programs: Benefits that are part of an Amazon program such as Subscribe & Save must be clearly attributed to those programs. When and how the saving applies must be clear to the customer. This is especially important with bundled offers.
  • Add-on items: Add-on item pricing or Add-on item discounts (for example, “Save X%”) require a legal disclosure, such as “Minimum purchase required,” or “Add-on Item, see details.” Images displaying Add-on items with no price or discount information do not require a legal disclosure (for example, an ad showing breadth of selection or brand building.)
  • Customer Reviews: Third-party customer reviews, star ratings or other elements that could be confused with Amazon Customer Reviews are not allowed. No changes can be made to Amazon Customer Reviews, including the correcting of spelling or grammar errors. Reviews with gross misspellings or significant grammatical errors must be avoided. To omit unwanted portions of a customer review, use ellipses (“…”) with no spaces before or after; truncations must not alter the meaning of the review. A maximum of three ellipses can be used in a customer review: one at the start of the review, one in the middle, and one at the end.