Interactive Wake Screens

Interactive Wake screen ads on Fire tablet allow shoppers to interact with an ad to explore unique features, benefits, or experiences tied to the product being advertised. By providing a hands-on experience, advertisers can reveal unique product aspects and delight customers through various interactive components such as changing color/message, product demos, etc. on the the Fire tablet wake screen.

Experience Overview

Key features of an Interactive wake screen:

  • Background video: an animated background (10 seconds maximum) that tells a sequential story
  • Breakpoint: a point in the ad experience where the background video pauses and waits for user interaction. Each creative may include up to 3 breakpoints.
  • Hotspot: a transparent area on the wake screen where the user can tap to continue the experience.
  • Indicator animation: an animation that appears on the wake screen during the breakpoint, which indicates to the user where they can interact to continue the experience

Creative Specifications

Interactive wake screen executions require a background video and call-to-action button.

Asset Dimensions Max. File Weight Format Min. Font Size (US/EU) Min. Font Size (JP)
Backgrounds 1200x1920px (P) and 1920x1200px (L) 3500kb MP4 or MOV 32pt 28pt
Buttons 1200x1920px (P) and 1920x1200px (L) 3500kb PNG-24 32pt 28pt
  • Assets must be created for both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Button assets should be the size of the full screen (with a majority of the asset being transparent), not cropped to the dimensions of the visible button.
  • Unlock and CTA sliders are added during production and should not be included in the assets.

The background video should adhere to the specifications outlined below.

Video Asset
Format H.264/MP4
Frames per second 24fps
Max. video length 10 seconds
Audio None; background videos may not contain audio
  • Animation cannot be delayed. It must start immediately within the first frames of the video
  • Ad headline, supporting copy, call-to-action, and product image (if applicable) must be visible in the first frame and throughout the entire video.
  • Ad text and advertiser logo cannot move, fade, rotate, or stretch. Other minor effects may be applied.
  • Indicator animation should not be burned into the background video; if included, this should be a separate sprite sheet asset. See below for specifications.
Sprite Sheet Asset
Format PNG
Frame rate 24fps
Looping First and last frames should be the same; this allows the animation to seamlessly loop
File dimensions 2000x2000px maximum

For additional requirements around wake screen and call-to-action assets, please refer to the Creative Standards page here.