Dynamic Click-through

Dynamic click-through ads are exclusive to app advertisers. For this ad creative, the background and call-to-action button dynamically update based on whether the user has the app installed on their device. This gives advertisers the opportunity to not only acquire new users, but also re-engage app users who had previously downloaded the app.

Experience Overview

When a customer turns on their Fire device, they are presented with one of two experiences: one for customers who do not have the app installed on their device (“New users”), or one for customers who already have the app installed (“Existing users").

Sample Dynamic wake screen creatives: New and Existing users

If the customer does not have the app installed on their device, tapping the call-to-action button unlocks their device and opens the app’s detail page in Amazon Appstore, where they can download and install the app.

If the customer has the app installed on their tablet, tapping on the call-to-action button unlocks their device and opens the app.

Sample Dynamic click-through wake screen creative destinations

Creative Guidelines

Call-to-action button text must be clear and specific, and should reflect the content of the corresponding landing page.

  • The “New user” experience will open an Amazon Appstore detail page
  • The “Existing user” experience will open the app.
  • This execution supports one call-to-action button.

Learn more about Fire tablet Creative Standards here.

Creative Specifications

Dynamic click-through wake screen executions require two background images and two call-to-action buttons.

Asset Dimensions Max. File Weight Format Min. Font Size (US/EU) Min. Font Size (JP)
Backgrounds 1200x1920px (P) and 1920x1200px (L) 3500kb JPG 32pt 28pt
Buttons 1200x1920px (P) and 1920x1200px (L) 3500kb PNG-24 32pt 28pt
  • Assets must be created for both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Button assets should be the size of the full screen (with a majority of the asset being transparent), not cropped to the dimensions of the visible button.

For additional requirements around wake screen and call-to-action assets, please refer to the Creative Standards page here.