Highlight a few features or products with a small grid of stationary tiles.

Page structure

Grid landing pages are constructed of standard Fire TV Landing Page components.

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Grid diagram


1. Grid of tiles

  • Grids may contain 2 to 4 tiles. Tiles remain in the same locations when the customer scrolls right, keeping all content on-screen.

2. Header

  • The header image animates upward and fades into place upon initial load of the landing page.

3. Tile accessory text (optional)

  • Limited text content may be shown below each tile, when selected.

4. Background image

  • An image is shown behind all other content.

5. Exit hint

  • To ensure the route to exit an ad is clear, an exit hint must be included in the bottom right corner of the page.

Additional Options:

Interstitial video (optional)

  • A video may be shown before the page appears.

Interactive video overlay (optional)

  • For each video launched from a button or tile, an overlay may be added that will appear 5 seconds after the start of content playback.


The Mist

The Mist

Learn about the new series on Spike.

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Other layouts

Grid diagram