Amazon DSP mobile app banner ads

Amazon DSP Mobile offers display advertisers the ability to reach and target mobile users on high-quality third-party mobile applications on Android, Fire Tablet, and iOS platforms.

Image banner ads

Ad Size Creative Dimensions Max. File Weight File Format
320 x 50 640 x 100 px @2X (required) 50 kb JPG / PNG-8
300 x 250 600 x 500 px @2X 200 kb JPG / PNG-8
728 x 90 1456 x 180 px @2x 200 kb JPG / PNG-8
414x125 1242 x 375 px @3x (required) 100 kb JPG / PNG-8

Rich media ads (Third-party served only)

Ad Size Max. Initial File Load File Format
320 x 50 100 kb HTML
300 x 250 200 kb HTML
728 x 90 200 kb HTML
600 x 90 200 kb HTML
1024 x 50 200 kb HTML

Creative Guidelines

320x50 banners must be designed at 2X resolution (640x100px) and 414x125 banners must be designed at 3X resolution (1242x375) to maintain image clarity on high-resolution screens. Other Amazon DSP Mobile banners are recommended, but not required, to be designed at 2X resolution.

Banner ads on Amazon DSP Mobile must contain an AdChoices label in one corner, which Amazon will automatically overlay on your creative.

Banners that link to Amazon must include an Amazon logo or a textual reference to Amazon, as outlined in our Creative Acceptance Policy.

In addition, Amazon recommends the following creative guidelines for Amazon DSP Mobile banners:

  • If a creative’s background image utilizes a photo, pattern or text, it should be simple, non-distracting, and understated.
  • Text should be minimal. Remove any unnecessary or extraneous language.
  • Font size should not be smaller than 16pt (at 2X resolution) and must be legible when viewed on device.
  • Creative should have a clearly visible non-white 1-pixel border or a dark or high contrast background color that distinguishes it from a site’s content.
  • The advertiser’s logo or name must be included in mobile banner ads.
  • A headline or copy message is also recommended.
  • Animation (e.g. animated GIF files) is permitted but not recommended in Amazon DSP mobile banners.

Creative Guidelines – 414x125

The 414x125 is a custom ad size that runs on Amazon mobile web and mobile app shopping only. See guidelines, specifications, and PSD template here.