Mobile Interstitial


As the user swipes through images, they will swipe to the full-screen Interstitial ad unit. As the user completes quiz questions, they will progress to a the full-widget width and height Interstitial ad unit.
Placement: Displayed as the user swipes through images and as the user completes quiz questions within the IMDb site.
Dimensions: 2560x2560
Restrictions: Ad is capped at 2x/day. Landscape orientation is not available for Interstitials between images. Supports 1 call to action and click through link to a landing page. Only displays on iOS devices and mobile website among images. Displays on all platforms between quiz questions
Formatting: Safe zone is 1360x1360. Content outside the safe zone is likely to get cropped, and is not tappable.The minimum font size is 48pt to account for variation in display resolutions—the ad must be legible on small smartphone screens as well as on high-resolution tablets.

Product Demo (click to Play Video)