General Specifications

User-initiated download filesize Unlimited file size for user initiated video or animationUser click initiated asset subload: 1MB
z-index All ad unit z-indicies need to be ‘100’
In-app linking experiences For in-app linking experiences (Tap for IMDb showtimes, Tap for IMDb Title Page, etc.), 3rd party click tracking is not supported

Animation Specifications

Auto-play frequency 3 times per day unless otherwise noted.
Auto-play duration Up to 15 seconds.
Auto-play max filesize Included in initial download.
Looping Allowed up to a maximum of 3 iterations. Must resolve within 15 seconds.

Video Specifications

Audio Activation Only allowed upon user click.
Auto-play frequency 3 times per day (muted audio)
Auto-Play max duration Up to 30 seconds. Must start playback immediately after intro animation.
Auto-play max video filesize 1.5mb (approx. 300kbps) for streaming video. Compression and optimization provided by IMDb Design
User-initiation max duration No limit within user initiation. Compression and optimization provided by IMDb Design
Auto-play max video filesize No limit. Compression and optimization provided by IMDb Design
Number of videos 3 total. 30 second autoplay, and 2 additional videos.
Looping Not allowed. Replay by user initiation only.
Required Buttons Play/Pause Toggle; Mute/Unmute Toggle;
Optional Buttons Playhead Scrubber
Video Format .MP4, .M4V, .MOV, .MPEG, .AVI or .DV uncompressed
Raw video minimum dimension 1280x720 (720p or 1080p HD preferred)
Audio Stereo, high quality (sampled at 44100Hz or higher)
Encoding format Animation+ .mov; with alpha for auto-play video; H264 for standard video
Bitrate Encoding VBR
Video Bitrate Typically 300kbps with a target filesize of 1.5mb per 30 seconds.
Audio Bitrate 96-128 kbps
Streaming Progressive, site served.

Tracking Specifications

Third party click trackers Allowed
Third party impression trackers Allowed
Max number of interaction trackers 10
Default trackers Video start/mid/complete progress tracking, user navigation interaction