IMDb Ad Specifications Creative Guidelines and Policies

General Creative

A high creative bar for messaging, copy, imagery and animation for all advertisements.

  • Creative must incorporate advertiser’s trademark
  • Creative may not use IMDb’s logos or trademarks or mention or refer to IMDb, its site, or its brand in any manner without IMDb’s prior consent.
  • If a creative uses a white background then it needs a border.
  • Legal disclosures must be clearly legible in size and contrast with the background color (see style guides for minimum text height per placement).
  • The average customer must be able to understand all legal disclosures.
  • Legal disclosures must be no longer than one line of text.

Ad Copy

CTAs should be kept as short as possible.
CTA messages should be selected to clearly communicate the action the user is taking and what they will experience on the landing page. If CTA is “click to see trailer,” a trailer must be prominently displayed on the landing page.
Non-specific calls to action (e.g., ‘Click here’) are acceptable on IMDb, but more specific calls to action are preferred when possible. Example of a specific call to action would be ‘click here for more information’, ‘watch video’, etc.
* Creative must contain a clear/strong call to action and messaging on associated landing pages must correspond with the call to action of the advertisement and not mislead the user.


Ad copy should not discuss a competing brand.
* Ads must contain the advertiser’s brand in a way that users can easily identify the sponsor of the ad.
* The Amazon or IMDb logo must not be used in a sentence.

Unacceptable Products and Services

  • Weapon sales, including guns, gun parts, kits, mace, blank powder, and ammunition
  • Illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, or products to beat drug tests.
  • Tobacco or tobacco related products, including e-cigarettes.
  • Religious or spiritual services and related content.
  • Political - political party related and/or issue related.
  • Products, services or web site content that promotes any illegal or dangerous activity, including false document services, counterfeit designer goods, cable descramblers, fireworks, websites that promote hacking or evading law enforcement.
  • Pornography, escort services, products claiming to enhance sex, and other “adult” sexual content.
  • Gambling or gambling paraphernalia, including online gambling, poker, or bingo.
  • Medical research solicitations.
  • Psychics and related content.
  • Products, services, technology or web site content that infringes, encourages, or enables the infringement of, the intellectual property or personal rights of others.
  • Red Band trailers are allowed ONLY with the use of an age gate.

Unacceptable Ad Content

  • Content that is directed at children due to the nature of the product, messaging, imagery or targeting.
  • Competitive products or services or ancillary content that features competitive products or services to the product being advertised.
  • Deceptive, false or misleading content.
  • Pay-per-call services such as 900 numbers in the USA.
  • Content that is obscene, defamatory, libelous, illegal, invasive of another’s privacy.
  • Hate speech - inciting or advocating violence or racial intolerance.
  • Content that is threatening, abusive, harassing, or that advocate or discriminate against a protected group, whether based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or any similar or other category.
  • Simulated contests, “fake winner” copy or fake functionality such as HTML drop downs or search forms.
  • The first page of the landing page must be functional if the user has disabled cookies on their browser

Questionable Ad Content: Requires review

May be subject to approval, targeting requirements and/or age-gating.
* Bare skin, partial nudity, provocative imagery
* Violent or disturbing imagery
* Profanity
* Drug use: either illegal or abuse of prescription meds
* Depictions of excessive tattoos or body piercings near or not near “sensitive areas” of the body
* Sweepstakes that are advertiser-sponsored, Amazon-sponsored, or Facebook-hosted
* Intrusive creative executions or animations (such as Blinking, Video cycling, Bright color combos, Free-form borders, Different fonts, Distracting from content)


  • Alcohol or depictions of adults consuming alcohol responsibly
  • R-rated pre-roll video trailers (green band)
  • R-rated pre-roll video trailers (red band), Allowed (must be age-gated: users will have to be registered, logged in and over 18 to view)