Auto-expanding Rectangle


Our take on the IAB Rectangle. This unit auto-expands to 988x320, revealing an organically shaped, two direction expansion.

  • Video with alpha channel or animation with transparent background displays upon expansion and resolves back to 300x250.
  • Transparency/alpha is mandatory and page content must remain visible behind expanded content. No opaque squares.
  • There must be a visible close button in the top right hand corner of the expanded state at all times of a size no less than 80px x 25px.
  • The auto-expanded state is only clickable in the 300x250 area, the entire area can be clickable only on the user-expanded portion of the ad.

Package Details

The Auto-expanding Rectangle ad unit is a part of a package that works in tandem with other ad units when served on the IMDb website. Refer to the Additional Units listed with each package below for more technical information about companion units.

Premium Wrap and Companion
Premium Static Wrap and custom companion rectangle, which supports auto-expansion and user-expansion of the rectangle.
Additional Units: Wrap/Premium Wrap

Product Demo (click to Play Video)