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We help brands design ad experiences that delight customers and deliver meaningful results. With our insights, reach, and premium entertainment properties from music to streaming, you can connect with the right audiences in the right places, both on and off Amazon.

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As a worldwide destination for browsing, buying, and streaming, we help brands engage with customers and capture their
attention in places they choose to spend time.

223MM U.S. monthly unique visitors and 200MM Prime members worldwide1

38% increase in consideration for brands who reach audience on our first-party signals2


Amazon’s first-party insights, matched with creative capabilities, allow advertisers to connect the right audience with the right message when it matters most.


Our measurement solutions give marketers a unified view of their performance on and off Amazon to help achieve their goals with efficiency.

350 first-party metrics to help your brand measure success3

#1 rank for ensuring brand safety for advertisers


We offer a brand-safe environment for you to share your brand story and make an impact.

1Amazon internal, April 2021 2Amazon internal, 2020 3Amazon internal, 2020

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